Aroma Diffuser, Air Revitalizer, & Humidifier w/ 1oz Oasis


Includes 1oz. Oasis Essential Oil

The new modern way to create and diffuse aromatherapy throughout your home.

A combination of using the natural properties of water and this ultrasonic technology is the futuristic approach to dispense a beautiful aroma into your home.

Ultrasonic technology (sound waves) is superior to heat because it does not alter the molecular structure of our specially formulated essential oil fragrances.

Lightly humidifies with cool air helping increase the quality of the air for those dry environments. It also includes an auto shut-off function when level is low.

Size: 4.25 in x 8.66 in.
Power Source: 24V A/C 50Hz 12W (Adapter Included)

Water Level: 2.82oz

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  • Model: 507102